Have a peek at  the first few pages of my quilted novel  about the adventures of Fantaghiro’, the lady  on the white horse inspired by my favorite fresco in Siena by Lorenzetti. She is wandering through the Tuscan countryside and Florence at the eve of the Renaissance in search of adventures,  textile treasures and long standing traditions. The perfect textile guide for your next (real) or virtual trip to Tuscany with a few quilting projects  as well to get you started!

Sneak preview:  http://online.pubhtml5.com/uklo/azec

FINESTRE MIGRANTI , Verona Tessile April 25-28, 2019

A stunning wave of quilts on migration issues had quite an emotional impact  at its world premiere in Verona with very enthusiastic comments from the viewers! An open book will be soon available on all the quilts and the quilters who made it possible!



In the Embroidery Museum of Pistoia (Florence) , Italy

there are exhibited some of my quilts too! In evidence in this video details of the famous embroidered “paliotto del 1601 with “smiling” insects and a masterfully embroidered little dog, gift of the Emperor of China… Pistoia has many events going on  as  Italian Capital Culture for 2017.




Group quilt project open to all quilters, embroiderers and textile lovers 

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“Cathedral Windows” is an ancient technique of folding and sewing fabrics. Most quilters are familiar with square based cathedral windows. This technique was commonly used in China and Korea. Known as the “coin” pattern, it was considered a symbol of prosperity. It is reasonable to think that the missionaries visiting the Orient imported this technique on their way back to England and United States at the beginning of the XX century. On one hand it was very fashionable in the Victorian society with its abundance of materials; on the other hand, it was popular in the United States during the Depression for ricycling plain cotton corn sacks, with the addition of just tiny pieces of printed fabrics.

I experimented for the first time cathedral windows to add a frame to one of my first picto-rial quilts “Il Fontanile ad Assisi”: two rows of square windows in black cotton with the ad-dition of ochra hand-dyed fabrics in gradation. 019a_1Two decades later, I used once again Cathedral Windows in the triptych quilt “Flowers of the Mind”. It took me several months and the help of my friend Maddalena Lucchetti to complete the 1004 cathedral windows. I used no less then 7 meters of dupioni gold silk (it is just incredible the amount of fabrics needed for this technique!), with the addition of tiny pieces of hand-dyed fabrics in gradation and marbleized cottons. I found invaluable the book written by Lynne Edwards “Though the Window & Beyond”, edited by “That Patchwork Place”, 1995.


For the “Windows on Immigration” project, I propose to make a quilt (about 60″ x 35″) consisting of 63 cathedral windows, both rectangular and square in shape, easy to make with the patterns and video intructions provided in the section”Progetto Finestre” in the menu list.

From the distorted and fragmented spaces created by the windows, the challenge is to express our feelings and ideas with images, colors, words, and anything else that comes to our mind, on the delicate issues of immigration worldwide.

Our windows are just tiny pieces of fabrics but we very  well  know  about  the strength  of ideas and images , about the richness in colors and techniques , that have merged with the textile artefacts  so that they  become true works of art. Hopefully, by exhibiting next to each other all of the quilts, each individual quilt will merge with the one next to it, to become one single long quilt with high visual impact!

 THE PROJECT IS STILL GOING ON with 42 quilts already completed for a total length of almost 3000 inches.