2005, 78 ” × 25 “
 Fabrics: silks, viscosa,  hand painted cottons.
Techniques: hand applique, hand quilting, piecing, embroidery.


In the winter of 2005 I was living in Sweden; that year there was a lot of snow and although the surronding landscape  was white and very beautiful I nevertheless felt the need for something green around me!
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I started two quilts with predominant green fabrics: “Ai Cipressi” is one of them: in the far distance hidden between  fragmented dark colored cypress trees, and a fading green  lawn, lies the  medieval town of Monteriggioni in Tuscany, surronded by fortified walls and olive trees.
In the foreground, bushes of stylised plants and flowers hide a few playful rabbits (for the  rabbits I was ispired by the ones that you can spot in the far distance in the painting by Paolo Uccello, the “Battle of San Roman” at the Uffizi).