1999-2000, 79″ × 80″.
Fabrics: commercial, hand dyed and hand painted cottons, silks, velvets.
Techniques: hand applique, hand quilting, piecing, hand embroidery, trapunto.


This is the view from Forte Belvedere (nearby Piazzale Michelangelo) in Florence. The inspiration for this quilt came from a piece of changing hue organza silk which I saw at the windowcase of the Casa dei Tessuti fabric shop (nearby Piazza Duomo)
I imagined a resplendent Florence enlightned by the transparencies of an organza sky   with the surronding  hills covered by a mosaic of green vegetation.
In remembrance of the past traditional spring festivities of the florentine “Calendimaggio”, a  group of young women emerges out of the vegetation with joyful dances.  They are the same group of dancers of  my favorite painting by Ambrogio Lorenzetti in Siena but here dressed of light changing hue silks, reflecting the luminosity of the silk used for the sky.
A changing hue  velvet in  silk  opens into an octagonal frame filled by an intricate pattern of  spiral leaves  and shoots such as is the pattern in the marble floors inside the Duomo.
The quilt ispired Romano Romoli, owner of “Casa dei Tessuti ” fabrics shop in Florence, art historian and poet, the following verses:
                                                           Tutto è danza nel cuore del mondo 
         alle soglie  del terzo millennio,        go4a7339web         
         go4a7342web         muovi un passo con cuore giocondo,    
    misura il tempo col rintocco del cuore        go4a7338web
go4a7345web     segui le impronte di Chi fece il mondo
scopri di nuovo cos’è il Vero Amore    .go4a7348web go4a7347web
                    Here on the eve of the third millenium    
                    A dance beckons the core of mankind;      
                   Take a step with a joyous soul    
                     Keep tempo with your beating heart  
                    Follow the lead of the Great Maker    
                   Discover anew the true dawning.