1990, 47 ” × 37 “
Fabrics: commercial and hand dyed cottons.
Techniques: hand applique, hand quilting.


Of the colossal walls of Jericho, that we know  from the Biblical texts to be the oldest fortifications in the history of man, the only remains are a few archeological ruins among a few scattered white little houses  in an oasis in the middle of the desert, behind the Mountain of Temptation, and not far from the Qumran caves where the scrolls of the Bible were found.
This is a rendition in fabrics of the  Jericho that I saw an afternoon of 1988. I was contemplating it from the only still standing window, elegantly curved and symmetrical, of Hisham Palace built around 700 c.e. which was  later destroyed by an earthquake.
In this early pictorial quilt, I used gradations of hand dyed cottons in the warm tones of sand, with the addition of a few green pieces to denote the oasis.
The fine echo quilting which is part of the frame is the result of several months of workmanship and it reproduces a typical decorative freeze of the Palace of Hisham.
In the lower right corner I appliqued and quilted a composition of fruits (figs, grapes, pomegranates) similar to the composition that was carved in stone for the Palace of Hisham, as a reminder of  the richness of the land of Israel.