2001, cm 180 x cm 150
Materials: Silk
Techniques: freezer paper technique, hand-applique’ and hand quilting.
An Italian- Japonese collaboration with the goal of combining traditional elements representative  of both  cultures.
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Following the composition devised by Silvana Zenatello , ten Italian quilters started working on this quilt with the mosaic technique on silk by using damasked silks scraps: on the lower horizontal strip a blue wave pattern was made by Francesca Tartamella and Daniela Collari; on the two-sided vertical strips a geometrical motif was made on the right side by Maddalena Luchetti, Flora Tavani e Silvana Zenatello and on the left side  by Giovanna Mostardi, Licia Marcotulli, Elvira Bartolini; on the top strip,  ivy  branches in a circular pattern were appliqued by Laura Fabiani and Gabriella Manara leading to a circular medallion in the center that acts as the fulcrum of the composition. The face in the center of the medallion represents one of the four
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winds with wings and snakes as were depicted in a Roman mosaic found in 1741 along the road that led from the Via Latina to the Tusculum (in the Castelli Romani area) and which is now preseved in the collection of the Vatican Museums.
Annamaria Brenti reproduced the mosaic face with tiny pieces  of  silk of the size of just a few millimiters in very light silk which she had previously  hand-dyed in many  shades of pink. She used the  freezer paper technique for assembling all the pieces.
For their part, the ten Japanese quilters involved in the project: Atuko Ohta (local cohordinator),Yoko Hitomi, Noriko Mashimo, Sumiko Minei, Mitsuko Kamata, Yuriko Kasai, Junko Kawakami, Masako Kawasari, Kumiko Ogura, Sachiko Omasa, have completd and sent to Italy ten squares measuring 30cm each, made out of silk and representing ten tradditional Japanese “mon” (the equivalent of  the coats of arms used by western arisstocratic families in the past )
The top of the quilt has been assembled in Italy and it has been quilted by hand by Alanna Nelson.
Annamaria Brenti and Silvana Zenatello met  with the group of Japanese quilters in 2001 during the  International Quilt Week in Yokohama where the quilt was exhibited for the first time.