2003, 47″ × 37″                                                                                                                              
Fabrics: commercial and hand dyed silks, velvets.
Techniques: hand applique, hand quilting, piecing, trapunto, photocopy transfer on fabric.


“Beyond  the fortified walls” is the main theme of this quilt which explores the  outside of the ancient walls  and the limitations of urban development that those walls represent, into a space where nature is the main character and the human spirit  is free to wander in search of the inner self.
The walls are the ones of the fresco “The Good Goverment” by Lorenzetti in Siena and the verses “Io vo’ pe verdi prati” (I wander through green fields …) are the  verses at the end of  the 9th Day of the Decameron where Bocaccio describes a young lady’s search for her lover amidst green fields, in harmony with nature and perhaps with a bit of perplexity and anxiety about the outcome of her quest.
The frame  is made of a combination of velvet, trapuntoed by hand, and of a Japanese silk used for a kimono’s obi (purchased in a shop in Hiroshima); it includes 14 geometric blocks made out of tiny pieces of hand dyed silks pieced together with the “frezer paper” technique in order to ensure the outmost precision.